From our youngest starting players to alumni who grew-up with us in New HYTEs, you can help impact the life of a developing student and tennis player in a positive way. With your donation today, you help New HYTEs foster an environment in which students can be the best person they can be!

Thank You for Donating to New HYTEs!

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Donation Total: $15

Here are how your donations are directly contributing!

$75 – A pair of high-quality tennis shoes for an aspiring young player.

$175 – One week’s supply of healthy snacks for ALL of our TEaM participants in order to keep them fueled and focused

$300 – A library of new chapter books for our students to improve their reading skills both in class and at home.

$500 – An educational and inspirational field trip for ALL TEaM participants, covering bus costs and other fees.

$1000 – An entire semester of classroom supplies including writing utensils, notebooks, math books, printed materials, and decorations.

$5000  Sponsorship for a child for one full year of tutoring and tennis instruction in our flagship TEaM program.